Accepted Papers

Accepted Papers

Title Authors
Modelling the Dynamic Joint Policy of Teammates with Attention Multi-agent DDPG Hangyu Mao, Zhengchao Zhang, Zhen Xiao, Zhibo Gong
The impact of agent definitions and interactions on multiagent learning for coordination Jen Jen Chung, Damjan Miklić, Lorenzo Sabattini, Kagan Tumer, Roland Siegwart
Testing Preferential Domains using Sampling Palash Dey, Swaprava Nath, Garima Shakya
Manipulating Elections by Selecting Issues Jasper Lu, David Zhang, Zinovi Rabinovich, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik, Svetlana Obraztsova
Adversarial Coordination on Social Networks Chen Hajaj, Sixie Yu, Zlatko Joveski, Yifan Guo, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik
On an Argument-centric Persuasion Framework Yakoub Salhi
Monotonicity axioms in approval-based multi-winner voting rules Luis Sanchez-Fernandez, Jesus Fisteus
Many-to-Many Stable Matchings with Ties, Master Preference Lists, and Matroid Constraints Naoyuki Kamiyama
Multiagent Disjunctive Temporal Networks Nikhil Bhargava, Brian Williams
PT-ISABB: A Hybrid Tree-based Complete Algorithm to Solve Asymmetric Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems Yanchen Deng, Ziyu Chen, Dingding Chen, Xingqiong Jiang, Qiang Li
Evolving intrinsic motivations for altruistic behavior Jane Wang, Wojtek Czarnecki, Joel Leibo, Edward Hughes, Chrisantha Fernando, Edgar Duenez
From Matching with Diversity Constraints to Matching with Regional Quotas Haris Aziz, Serge Gaspers, Zhaohong Sun, Toby Walsh
Reinforcement Learning for Cooperative Overtaking Chao Yu, Xin Wang, Jianye Hao, Zhanbo Feng
Obtaining Costly Unverifiable Valuations from a Single Agent Erel Segal-Halevi, Shani Alkoby, Tomer Sharbaf, David Sarne
Complexity Results and Algorithms for Bipolar Argumentation Amin Karamlou, Kristijonas Cyras, Francesca Toni
Resolving Conflicts in Clinical Guidelines using Argumentation Kristijonas Cyras, Tiago Oliveira
No-reward Meta Reinforcement Learning Yuxiang Yang, Ken Caluwaerts, Jie Tan, Chelsea Finn, Atil Iscen
Obviously Strategyproof Mechanisms without Money for Scheduling Maria Kyropoulou, Carmine Ventre
Extending Modular Semantics for Bipolar Weighted Argumentation Nico Potyka
Removing Malicious Nodes from Networks Sixie Yu, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik
Attacking Similarity-Based Link Prediction in Social Networks Kai Zhou, Tomasz Michalak, Marcin Waniek, Talal Rahwan, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik
Your 2 is My 1, Your 3 is My 9: Handling Arbitrary Miscalibrations in Ratings Jingyan Wang, Nihar Shah
Tracing Equilibrium in Dynamic Markets via Distributed Adaptation Yun Kuen Cheung, Martin Hoefer, Paresh Nakhe
Algorithms for Gerrymandering Over Graphs Takehiro Ito, Naoyuki Kamiyama, Yusuke Kobayashi, Yoshio Okamoto
Automated mechanism design via neural networks Weiran Shen, Pingzhong Tang, Song Zuo
Local Core Stability in Simple Symmetric Fractional Hedonic Games Raffaello Carosi, Gianpiero Monaco, Luca Moscardelli
Group Segregation in Social Networks Dominic Aits, Alexander Carver, Paolo Turrini
Egocentric Bias and Doubt in Cognitive Agents Nanda Kishore Sreenivas, Shrisha Rao
RLBOA: A Modular Reinforcement Learning Framework for Autonomous Negotiating Agents Jasper Bakker, Aron Hammond, Daan Bloembergen, Tim Baarslag
On the Performance of Stable Outcomes in Modified Fractional Hedonic Games with Egalitarian Social Welfare Gianpiero Monaco, Luca Moscardelli, Yllka Velaj
Malthusian Reinforcement Learning Joel Leibo, Edward Hughes, Edgar Duenez, Peter Sunehag, Thore Graepel, Steven Wheelwright, Adam Marblestone, Iain Dunning
Optimal Control of Social Systems through Variational Inference with a Discrete Event Decision Process Fan Yang, Wen Dong
Microscopic Traffic Simulation by Cooperative Multi-agent Deep Reinforcement Learning Giulio Bacchiani, Daniele Molinari, Marco Patander
Resource-bounded ATL: the Quest for Tractable Fragments Francesco Belardinelli, Stéphane Demri
Coordinating the Crowd: Inducing Desirable Equilibria in Non-Cooperative Systems David Mguni, Joel Jennings, Sergio Valcarcel Macua, Emilio Sison, Sofia Ceppi, Enrique Munoz de Cote
Goal Recognition for Rational and Irrational Agents Peta Masters, Sebastian Sardina
PLOTS: Procedure Learning from Observations using subTask Structure Tong Mu, Karan Goel, Emma Brunskill
Dynamic Source Weight Computation for Truth Inference over Data Streams Yi Yang, Quan Bai, Qing Liu
Interleaved Q-Learning with Partially Coupled Training Process Min He, Hongliang Guo
Reasoning about Changes of Observational Power in Logics of Knowledge and Time Aurèle Barrière, Bastien Maubert, Aniello Murano, Sasha Rubin
Online Resource Allocation with Matching Constraints John P. Dickerson, Karthik Abinav Sankararaman, Kanthi Sarpatwar, Aravind Srinivasan, Kun-Lung Wu, Pan Xu
The Volatility of Weak Ties: Co-evolution of Selection and Influence in Social Networks Jie Gao, Grant Schoenebeck, Fang-Yi Yu
Heterogeneous Two-facility Location Games with Minimum Distance Requirement Lingjie Duan, Bo Li, Minming Li, Xinping Xu
Optimal Value of Information Based Elicitation During Negotiation Yasser Mohammad
Modeling People's Voting Behavior with Poll Information Roy Fairstein, Adam Lauz, Kobi Gal, Reshef Meir
Completing the Puzzle: Solving Open Problems for Control in Elections Gabor Erdelyi, Christian Reger, Yongjie Yang
Computing Optimal Ex Ante Correlated Equilibria in Two-Player Sequential Games Andrea Celli, Nicola Gatti, Stefano Coniglio
Cooperation via Codes in restricted Hat Guessing Games Kai Jin, Ce Jin, Zhaoquan Gu
Incentivizing Distributive Fairness for Crowdsourcing Workers Chenxi Qiu, Anna Squicciarini, Benjamin Hanrahan
Task and Path Planning for Multi-Agent Pickup and Delivery Minghua Liu, Hang Ma, Jiaoyang Li, Sven Koenig
Approximation Algorithms for BalancedCC Multiwinner Rules Piotr Faliszewski, Nimrod Talmon, Markus Brill, Frank Sommer
Marginal Cost Pricing with a Fixed Error Factor in Traffic Networks Guni Sharon, Stephen Boyles, Shani Alkoby, Peter Stone
Experiential Preference Elicitation for Autonomous Heating and Cooling Systems Andrew Perrault, Craig Boutilier
Normative Synthesis for Equilibrium Formation in Multi-Agent Systems Giuseppe Perelli
Forecast-Based Mechanisms for Demand Response Georgios Methenitis, Michael Kaisers, Han La Poutre
A Counter Abstraction Technique for the Verification of Probabilistic Swarm Systems Alessio Lomuscio, Edoardo Pirovano
Revenue Maximization with Imprecise Distribution Yingkai Li, Pinyan Lu, Haoran Ye
Courtesy as a Means to Coordinate Panayiotis Danassis, Boi Faltings
Agent Embeddings: A Latent Representation for Pole-Balancing Networks Oscar Chang, Robert Kwiatkowski, Siyuan Chen, Hod Lipson
Contingent Payment Mechanisms for Resource Utilization Hongyao Ma, Reshef Meir, David Parkes, James Zou
TBQ(\sigma): Improving Efficiency of Traces Utilization for Off-Policy Reinforcement Learning Longxiang Shi, Shijian Li, Longbing Cao, Long Yang, Gang Pan
Cooperation with bottom-up reputation dynamics Jason Xu, Julian Garcia, Toby Handfield
The Diverse Cohort Selection Problem Candice Schumann, Samsara Counts, Jeffrey Foster, John P. Dickerson
Self-Improving Generative Adversarial Reinforcement Learning Yang Liu, Zeng Yifeng, Yingke Chen, Jing Tang
Independent Generative Adversarial Self-Imitation Learning in Cooperative Multiagent Systems Xiaotian Hao, Weixun Wang, Yaodong Yang, Jianye Hao
Bandit Learning with Biased Human Feedback Wei Tang, Chien-Ju Ho
A Representation Theorem for Reasoning in First-Order Multi-Agent Knowledge Bases Christoph Schwering, Maurice Pagnucco
Improved Cooperative Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning Algorithm Augmented by Mixing Demonstrations from Centralized Policy Hyun-Rok Lee, Taesik Lee
Multiagent Learning in Network Zero-Sum Games is a Hamiltonian System James Bailey, Georgios Piliouras
Single Transferable Vote: Incomplete Knowledge and Communication Issues Manel Ayadi, Nahla Ben Amor, Jerome Lang, Dominik Peters
Hedonic Diversity Games Ayumi Igarashi, Edith Elkind, Robert Bredereck
Argumentation-based Negotiation with Incomplete Opponent Profiles Yannis Dimopoulos, Jean-Guy Mailly, Pavlos Moraitis
On Domination and Control in Strategic Ability Michał Knapik, Wojciech Jamroga, Damian Kurpiewski
Maximizing the Spread of an Opinion when Tertium Datur Est Vincenzo Auletta, Diodato Ferraioli, Valeria Fionda, Gianluigi Greco
Parameterized Complexity of Committee Elections with Dichotomous and Trichotomous Votes Aizhong Zhou, Jiong Guo, Yongjie Yang
Negative Update Intervals in Deep Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Gregory Palmer, Rahul Savani, Karl Tuyls
Decidable Model Checking with Uniform Strategies Natasha Alechina, Mehdi Dastani, Brian Logan
A Cooperative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Framework for Resource Balancing in Complex Logistics Network Xihan Li, Jia Zhang, Jiang Bian, Tie-Yan Liu, Yunhai Tong
An Evolutionary approach to find Optimal Policies with an Agent-Based Simulation Jean-Daniel Kant, Nicolas De Bufala
Gradual Semantics Accounting for Varied-Strength Attacks Leila Amgoud, Dragan Doder
Covert Networks: How Hard is It to Hide? Palash Dey, Sourav Medya
Agent Behavioral Analysis Based on Absorbing Markov Chains Riccardo Sartea, Alessandro Farinelli, Matteo Murari
Formal Verification of Open Multi-Agent Systems Panagiotis Kouvaros, Alessio Lomuscio, Edoardo Pirovano, Hashan Punchihewa
Attacking Power Indices by Manipulating Player Reliability Gabriel Istrate, Cosmin Bonchis, Alin Brandusescu
Stability in FEN-Hedonic Games for Single-Player Deviations Anna Maria Kerkmann, Jörg Rothe
Groups versus Coalitions: On the relative expressivity of Group Announcement Logic and Coalition Announcement Logic Tim French, Rustam Galimullin, Hans van Ditmarsch, Natasha Alechina
Truthfulness on a Budget: Trading Money for Approximation through Monitoring Paolo Serafino, Carmine Ventre, ANGELINA Vidali
Multi-Issue Opinion Diffusion under Constraints Sirin Botan, Umberto Grandi, Laurent Perrussel
Extracting Dialogical Explanations for Review Aggregations with Argumentative Dialogical Agents Oana Cocarascu, Antonio Rago, Francesca Toni
Multi-unit Budget Feasible Mechanisms for Cellular Traffic Offloading Jun Wu, Yuan Zhang, Yu Qiao, Lei Zhang, Chongjun Wang, Junyuan Xie
Strategic Responsibility Under Imperfect Information Vahid Yazdanpanah, Mehdi Dastani, Wojciech Jamroga, Natasha Alechina, Brian Logan
Manipulations-resistant facility location mechanisms for ZV-line graphs Ilan Nehama, Taiki Todo, Makoto Yokoo
Buyer Signaling Game in Auctions Weiran Shen, Pingzhong Tang, Yulong Zeng
Testing Individual-Based Stability Properties in Graphical Hedonic Games Hendrik Fichtenberger, Anja Rey
Truthful Mechanisms for Location Games of Dual-Role Facilities Xujin Chen, Minming Li, Changjun Wang, Chenhao Wang, Yingchao Zhao
Playing Atari with Six Neurons Giuseppe Cuccu, Julian Togelius, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux
A fully rational argumentation system for preordered defeasible rules Jesse Heyninck, Christian Straßer
Well-behaved Online Load Balancing Against Strategic Jobs Bo Li, Minming Li, Xiaowei Wu
Multiple Assignment Problems under Lexicographic Preferences Hadi Hosseini, Kate Larson
Online abstraction with MDP homomorphisms for Deep Learning Ondrej Biza, Robert Platt
Efficient Allocation of Free Stuff Yossi Azar, Allan Borodin, Michal Feldman, Amos Fiat, Kineret Segal
Generalized Matching Games for International Kidney Exchange Peter Biro, Daniel Paulusma, Walter Kern, Dömötör Pálvölgyi
Information gathering in decentralized POMDPs by policy graph improvement Mikko Lauri, Joni Pajarinen, Jan Peters
Soft Labeling in Stochastic Shortest Path Problems Luis Pineda, Shlomo Zilberstein
Efficiency, Sequenceability and Deal-Optimality in Fair Division of Indivisible Goods Aurélie Beynier, Sylvain Bouveret, Michel Lemaître, Nicolas Maudet, Simon Rey, Parham Shams
Balanced task allocation by partitioning the multiple traveling salesperson problem Isaac Vandermeulen, Roderich Gross, Andreas Kolling
Robust temporal difference learning for critical domains Richard Klima, Daan Bloembergen, Michael Kaisers, Karl Tuyls
Dynamic Particle Allocation to Solve Interactive POMDP Models for Social Decision Making Rohith D Vallam, Sarthak Ahuja, Surya Shravan Kumar Sajja, Ritwik Chaudhuri, Rakesh R Pimplikar, Kushal Mukherjee, Gyana Parija, Ramasuri Narayanam
Exploring the No-Show Paradox for Condorcet Extensions Using Ehrhart Theory and Computer Simulations Felix Brandt, Johannes Hofbauer, Martin Strobel
Model Primitive Hierarchical Lifelong Reinforcement Learning Bohan Wu, Jayesh Gupta, Mykel Kochenderfer
Fall if it lifts your teammate: a novel type of candidate manipulation Justin Kruger, Sebastian Schneckenburger
The Body is not a Given: Joint Agent Policy Learning and Morphology Evolution Dylan Banarse, Yoram Bachrach, Siqi Liu, Guy Lever, Nicolas Hess, Chrisantha Fernando, Pushmeet Kohli, Thore Graepel
Urban Driving with Multi-Objective Deep Reinforcement Learning Changjian Li, Krzysztof Czarnecki
Complexity of Manipulation in Premise-Based Judgment Aggregation with Simple Formulas Robert Bredereck, Junjie Luo
Monte Carlo Continual Resolving for Online Strategy Computation in Imperfect Information Games Michal Sustr, Vojtech Kovarik, Viliam Lisý
Parameterized Heuristics for Incomplete Weighted CSPs with Elicitation Costs Atena MTabakhi, William Yeoh, Makoto Yokoo
A New Concept of Convex based Multiple Neural Networks Structure Yu Wang, Hongxia Jin
Prediction in Intelligence: An Empirical Comparison of Off-policy Algorithms on Robots Banafsheh Rafiee, Sina Ghiassian, Adam White, Richard Sutton
Reducing Sampling Error in Policy Gradient Learning Josiah Hanna, Peter Stone
Bayesian Reinforcement Learning in Factored POMDPs Sammie Katt, Frans Oliehoek, Christopher Amato
Reinforcement learning in stationary mean-field games Jayakumar Subramanian, Aditya Mahajan
Incentivizing Collaboration in a Competition Arunesh Sinha, Michael Wellman
Don't Put All Your Strategies in One Basket: Playing Green Security Games with Imperfect Prior Knowledge Shahrzad Gholami, Amulya Yadav, Long Tran-Thanh, Bistra Dilkina, Milind Tambe
Outcome-based Partner Selection in Collective Risk Dilemmas Fernando Santos, Samuel Mascarenhas, Francisco C. Santos, Filipa Correia, Samuel Gomes, Ana Paiva
Cooperative Concurrent Games Julian Gutierrez, Sarit Kraus, Michael Wooldridge
Observational Learning by Reinforcement Learning Diana Borsa, Nicolas Hess, Bilal Piot, Siqi Liu, Leonard Hasenclever, Remi Munos, Olivier Pietquin
Safe Policy Search Using Gaussian Process Models Kyriakos Polymenakos, Stephen Roberts, Alessandro Abate
Facility Location Games with Externalities Minming Li, Lili Mei, Yi Xu, Guochuan Zhang, Yingchao Zhao
On the Pitfalls of Measuring Emergent Communication Ryan Lowe, Joelle Pineau, Jakob Foerster, Y-Lan Boureau, Yann Dauphin
Privacy-Preserving Federated Data Sharing Ferdinando Fioretto, Pascal Van Hentenryck
Learning Curriculum Policies for Reinforcement Learning Sanmit Narvekar, Peter Stone
How You Act Tells a Lot: Privacy-Leaking Attack on Deep Reinforcement Learning Xinlei Pan, Weiyao Wang, Xiaoshuai Zhang, Bo Li, Jinfeng Yi, Dawn Song
Gehrlein Stability in Committee Selection: Parameterized Hardness and Algorithms Sushmita Gupta, Pallavi Jain, Sanjukta Roy, Saket Saurabh, Meirav Zehavi
Competitive Bridge Bidding with Deep Neural Networks Jiang Rong, Tao Qin, Bo An
Decision Procedures for Epistemic Logic Exploiting Belief Bases Emiliano Lorini, Fabian Romero
Graph Based Optimization For Multiagent Cooperation Arambam Singh, Akshat Kumar
Distributed Environmental Modeling and Adaptive Sampling for Multi-Robot Sensor Coverage Wenhao Luo, Changjoo Nam, George Kantor, Katia Sycara
Natural Strategic Ability under Imperfect Information Wojciech Jamroga, Vadim Malvone, Aniello Murano
Convergence of Multi-Agent Learning with a Finite Step Size in General-Sum Games Xinliang Song, Tonghan Wang, Chongjie Zhang
Context-Aware Policy Reuse Siyuan Li, Fangda Gu, Guangxiang Zhu, Chongjie Zhang

Title Authors
Trusted AI and the contribution of trust modeling in multiagent systems Robin Cohen, Mike Schaekermann, Sihao Liu, Michael Cormier
Beyond Autonomy: The Self and Life of Social Agents Budhitama Subagdja, Ah-Hwee Tan
Between the Megalopolis and the Deep Blue Sky: Challenges of Transport with UAVs in Future Smart Cities Yazan Mualla, Amro Najjar, Stéphane Galland, Christophe Nicolle, Igor Tchappi Haman, Ansar Yasar, Kary Främling
A Decade in Hindsight: The Missing Bridge Between Multi-Agent Systems and the World Wide Web Andrei Ciortea, Simon Mayer, Fabien Gandon, Olivier Boissier, Alessandro Ricci, Antoine Zimmermann
Stream Reasoning Agents Riccardo Tommasini, Jean Paul Calbimonte

Title Authors
Supple: Multiagent Communication Protocols with Causal Types Akin Gunay, Munindar Singh, Amit Chopra
Unsupervised Role Discovery Using Temporal Observations of Agents Andrew Silva, Sonia Chernova
Robust Decentralised Agent Based Approach for Microgrid Energy Management Sandra Garcia-Rodriguez, Jorge J. Gomez-Sanz
Engineering Scalable Distributed Environments and Organizations for MAS Alessandro Ricci, Andrei Ciortea, Jomi Fred Hubner, Rafael H. Bordini, Olivier Boissier, Simon Meyer
Runtime Revision of Norms and Sanctions based on Agent Preferences Davide Dell'Anna, Mehdi Dastani, Fabiano Dalpiaz
Decentralised Planning for Multi-Agent Programming Platforms Rafael Caue Cardoso, Rafael H. Bordini
Agent-Environment Interactions in Large-Scale Multi-Agent Based Simulation Systems Rym Zalila-Wenkstern, Mohammad Al-Zinati
The Matrix: An Agent-Based Modeling Framework for Data Intensive Simulations Parantapa Bhattacharya, Christian Lebiere, Samarth Swarup, Saliya Ekanayake, Chris Kuhlman, Don Morrison, Mandy Wilson, Mark Orr
Effective Collective Summarisation of Distributed Data in Mobile Multi-Agent Systems Giorgio Audrito, Sergio Bergamini, Ferruccio Damiani, Mirko Viroli
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Multi-Agent Organisational Paradigms in a Real-Time Strategy Environment Buster Bernstein, Jasper Geurtz, Vincent Koeman

Title Authors
Fraud Regulating Policy for E-Commerce via Constrained Contextual Bandits Zehong Hu, Zhen Wang, Zhao Li, Shichang Hu, Shasha Ruan, Jie Zhang
Can sophisticated Dispatching Strategy Acquired by Reinforcement Learning? Yujie Chen, Yu Qian, Yichen Yao, Zili Wu, Rongqi Li, Yinzhi Zhou, Haoyuan Hu, Yinghui Xu
A Multi-task Selected Learning Approach for Solving 3D Flexible Bin Packing Problem Lu Duan, Haoyuan Hu, Yu Qian, Yu Gong, Xiaodong Zhang, Jiangwen Wei
FASTER: Fusion AnalyticS for public Transport Event Response Sebastien Blandin, Laura Wynter, Basile Dura

Title Authors
Optimal Online Coverage Path Planning with Energy Constraints Gokarna Sharma, Ayan Dutta, Jong-Hoon Kim
Learning Inverse Optimal Control Models for Predicting Human Intentions Sanket Gaurav, Brian Ziebart
Patrol Scheduling Against Adversaries with Varying Attack Durations Hao-Tsung Yang, Shih-Yu Tsai, Kin Sum Liu, Shan Lin, Jie Gao
Learning Plans by Acquiring Grounded Linguistic Meanings from Corrections Mattias Appelgren, Alex Lascarides
Using Causal Analysis to Learn Specifications from Task Demonstrations Daniel Angelov, Yordan Hristov, Subramanian Ramamoorthy
Distributed Self-reconfiguration using a Deterministic Autonomous Scaffolding Structure Pierre Thalamy, Benoit Piranda, Julien Bourgeois
Online Inverse Reinforcement Learning under Occlusion Saurabh Arora, Prashant Doshi, Bikramjit Banerjee
Minimizing Travel in the Uniform Dispersal Problem for Robotic Sensors Michael Amir, Alfred Bruckstein
Trust-Aware Behavior Reflection for Robot Swarm Self-Healing Rui Liu, Fan Jia, Wenhao Luo, Meghan Chandarana, Changjoo Nam, Mike Lewis, Katia Sycara
Swarms Can be Rational Yinon Douchan, Ran Wolf, Gal Kaminka
Human-guided Trajectory Adaptation for Tool Transfer Tesca Fitzgerald, Elaine Short, Ashok Goel, Andrea L. Thomaz
Robot Learning by Collaborative Network Training: A Self-Supervised Method using Ranking Mason Bretan, Sageev Oore, Siddharth Sanan, Larry Heck
Fully Convolutional One-Shot Object Segmentation for Industrial Robotics Benjamin Schnieders, Shan Luo, Gregory Palmer, Karl Tuyls
Attack-Resilient Connectivity Game for UAV Networks using Generative Adversarial Learning Bo Yang, Min Liu
Multi-Agent Path Finding for UAV Traffic Management Florence Ho, Ana Salta, Ruben Geraldes, Artur Goncalves, Marc Cavazza, Helmut Prendinger
Distributed Control of Heterogeneous Teams of Robots and Humans S M Al Mahi, Kyungho Nam, Christopher Crick
Explainable agents and robots: Results from a systematic literature review Sule Anjomshoae, Amro Najjar, Davide Calvaresi, Kary Främling

Title Authors
Bootstrapped Policy Gradient for Difficulty Adaptation in Intelligent Tutoring Systems Yaqian Zhang, Wooi-Boon Goh
What If I Speak Now? A Decision-Theoretic Approach to Personality-Based Turn-Taking Kathrin Janowski, Elisabeth Andre
Active Attention-Modified Policy Shaping Taylor Kessler Faulkner, Reymundo Gutierrez, Elaine Short, Guy Hoffman, Andrea L. Thomaz
A Child and a Robot Getting Acquainted - Interaction Design for Eliciting Self-Disclosure Mike Ligthart, Timo Fernhout, Mark A. Neerincx, Kelly van Bindsbergen, Martha A. Grootenhuis, Koen Hindriks
Community Regularization of Visually Grounded Dialog Swaminathan Gurumurthy, Katia Sycara, Akshat Agarwal, Vasu Sharma, Mike Lewis
Anticipatory Bayesian Policy Selection for Online Adaptation of Collaborative Robots to Unknown Human Types Orhan Can Görür, Benjamin Rosman, Sahin Albayrak
Protagonist vs Antagonist PROVANT: Narrative Generation as Counter Planning Julie Porteous, Alan Lindsay
A Grounded Interaction Protocol for Explainable Artificial Intelligence Prashan Madumal, Tim Miller, Liz Sonenberg, Frank Vetere
Irony Man: Augmenting a Social Robot with the Ability to Use Irony in Multimodal Communication with Humans Hannes Ritschel, Ilhan Aslan, Elisabeth Andre
Exploring improvisational approaches to social knowledge acquisition Dan Feng, Elin Carstensdottir, Magy Seif El-Nasr, Stacy Marsella
The Effect of Virtual Agent Warmth on Human-Agent Negotiation Pooja Prajod, Mohammed Al Owayyed, Tim Rietveld, Jaap-Jan van der Steeg, Joost Broekens
Newtonian Action Advice: Integrating Human Verbal Instruction with Reinforcement Learning Samantha Krening, Karen M. Feigh
Domain Authoring Assistant for Intelligent Virtual Agent Sepehr Janghorbani, Ashutosh Modi, Jakob Buhmann, Mubbasir Kapadia
An optimization approach for structured agent-based provider/receiver tasks Kim Baraka, Marta Couto, Francisco Melo, Manuela Veloso
Using Reinforcement Learning to Optimize the Policies of an Intelligent Tutoring System for Interpersonal Skills Training Kallirroi Georgila, Mark Core, Benjamin Nye, Shamya Karumbaiah, Daniel Auerbach, Maya Ram
What do we express without knowing? Emotion in Gesture Gabriel Castillo, Michael Neff
Reaching cooperation using emerging empathy and counter-empathy Jize Chen, Changhong Wang