Authors Submissions



  • Policy on multiple and previous submissions:

    Authors may not submit any paper to AAMAS 2019 that has already appeared in an archival forum. Authors must ensure that no submission to AAMAS 2019 is under review for another archival forum between the AAMAS 2019 submission and decision dates.

  • Policy on harassment at the conference environment:

    IFAAMAS is committed to organising the AAMAS conference and its affiliated events in an environment that is free of harassment for everyone involved: delegates, organisers, conference workers, and reviewers. All participants in IFAAMAS events are asked to embrace our intention to foster a harassment-free scientific community, and to understand that IFAAMAS will respond appropriately to incidents of harassment if they occur. The complete IFAAMAS harassment policy is available at: .

    For further details about AAMAS 2019, please visit the website at: