Program Tutorials

Accepted Tutorials

Bridges with Combinatorial Game Theory

Carlos Pereira dos Santos

Reshef Meir

Urban Larsson

Distributed Ledger Technology and Multi-Agent Systems

Luke Riley

Grammateia Kotsialou

Patrick McCorry

Peter McBurney

Modelling Planning Tasks

Roman Bartak

Lukas Chrpa

Solving Games with Complex Strategy Spaces

Albert Xin Jiang

Fei Fang

Hau Chan

Optimization & Learning Approaches to Resource Allocation for Social Good

Sanmay Das

John P. Dickerson

Bryan Wilder

Adversarial Machine Learning

Bo Li

Dawn Song

Yevgeniy Vorobeychik

Epistemic Reasoning in Mulitagent Systems

Tristan Charrier

Francois Schwartzentruber

Computational Argumentation in the Context of Human-Agent Interaction

Simon Parsons

Elizabeth Sklar

Nir Oren

Nadin Kokciyan

Isabel Sassoon

Josh Murphy

Strategies, Knowledge, and Know-How

Jia Tao

Pavel Naumov

Heuristic Search

Nathah R. Sturtevant

Sven Koenig

Daniel Harabor

Scalable Deep Learning: From Theory to Practice

Decebal Constantin Mocanu

Elena Mocanu

Phuong H. Nguyen

Madeleine Gibescu

Zita Vale

Damien Ernst

Distributed Constraint Optimization with IoT Applications

Ferdinando Fioretto

Gauthier Picard

Pierre Rust

Long Tran-Thanh

Social Choice and Mechanism Design on Social Networks

Umberto Grandi

Dengji Zhao