Program Program at Glance

Program at Glance

Wednesday, May 15
Session 1

A Reinforcement Learning 1
B Socially Intelligent Agents 1
C Multi-Robot Systems
D Verification and Validation
E Economic Paradigms: Learning and Adaptation
F Agent Societies and Societal Issues 1
Session 2

A Reinforcement Learning 2
B Practicial Applications of Game Theory
C Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
D Social Choice Theory 1
E Game Theory 1
F Agent Societies and Societal Issues 2
Thursday, May 16
Session 3

A Learning and Adaptation
B Socially Intelligent Agents 2
C Engineering Multiagent Systems 1
D Social Choice Theory 2
E Game Theory 2
F Logics for Agents
Session 4

A Learning Agent Capabilities
B Multimodal Interaction
C Deep Learning
D Robotics
E Game Theroy 3
F Communication and Argumentation 1
Friday, May 17
Session 5

A Learning Agents
B Human Robot Interaction
C Industrial Applications Track
D Social Choice 3
E Auctions and Mechanicsm Design
F Agent Cooperation 1
G Networks
Session 6

A Agent-Based Simulation
B Auctions and Mechanism Design
C Engineering Multiagent Systems 2
D Blue Sky
E Agent Cooperation 2
F Communication and Argumentation 2
G Planning and Learning